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About Us

Martin Rivera Baldera

Martin Rivera-Baldera

Martin’s desire to become a Latin Dancer and choreographer started as a youth in Ponce, Puerto Rico where he was born. Through-out his dance career he has trained and studied under many respectable and reputable dance coaches both in Puerto Rico and in Rhode Island, and has develop the charisma and flare that is its hallmark style both in the Social Salsa/Bachata Dance scene and within the International Ballroom world.


Martin enjoys teaching students of various experience levels. He promotes diversity, acceptance and inclusion in all of his projects while always encouraging dancers of all levels to have fun and enjoy the shared experience of dance. 

Previously Martin taught at Studio One RI Dance Complex in Lincoln RI, where he had taught there for 8 years. While at Studio One RI, Martin has also been featured as one of the professional latin ballroom instructors for Dancing with the Doctors, a charitable fundraising competition gala that relies on a group of professional dancers who must train and perform alongside their selected dance doctors, transforming these doctors into graceful ballroom dancers.

Martin is the Co-Founder of TeamFusionRI, INFUSION Carnival & Caribala, FUSION NIGHTLIVE and FUSION CULTURE and is currently the creavtive force behind PICANTE SALSA BACHATA WEEKENDER RI a platform that unites people and encourages great partnerships. A lively production that promotes diversity and inclusion, exhibits a mix of International inspired entertainment that fuses live acts, performances, musicians, cocktails, dance, social mingling and animacion by its professionals within the Rhode Island Arts and Dance Industry. 

Inara Smith

Inara's love of music, dance, and art started when she was very young, taking ballet and piano and has grown into a multi career path. Through out her life, she has studied extensively in movement including belly dance, ballroom and latin dance styles. 

Inara’s classes are well known for their fun, high powered, and energetic atmosphere.  Combining technique, core moves, and artistry with the vast and important history of the dance, students leave classes with a solid foundation of movement and a smile on their faces.  Inara is quickly becoming known as an instructor who pushes boundaries when it comes to studio performances and the melding of old world dance and modern techniques and urges her students to embrace the beauty of change and expression.

Along with her dance teaching, Inara is no stranger to the stage and can frequently be found dancing at many local venues and competitions in the area both as a solo artist and with Azama and ikonik.  As a solo artist, Inara is often the featured dancer performing at many of the area's premier venues including Opa, Habibi's and various shows and festivals.  

Inara welcomes students of all ages, genders, dance levels and experience.

Join her on your own dance journey!

Inara Smith
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