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''I'm not the right body type..."

"I don't have the confidence..."

"I can't move like that..."

More often than not, potential students focus on the negative thoughts they have about themselves when they are asked "Why don't you take my class?" A lot of these reasons are actually reasons to take the class and try something new! 


There is no "right" body type for dance. Everyone is shaped differently and we should celebrate that fact.


Dance builds self confidence! Along with teaching you how to move like a serpent and follow a percussive beat, you'll find yourself walking a little taller.


If you could do the moves already, you would have already started your dance journey! 


A few of the other reasons people take classes are: exercise, 

glittery costumes and great friendships.

Common Questions
About Dance Lessons

Ok! Now that you've decided to take lessons but you have a few more questions....

What should I wear to class?

We want you to be comfortable and that can mean a variety of things.  For belly dance we suggest something in the realm of yoga clothing but for latin or ballroom you can wear anything from jeans to dress pants or a nice skirt. Make sure to bring some shoes for ballroom that are comfortable. Also be aware that the rubber on regular shoes can stick to a dance floor and you could find it hard to turn. 

Do I need a partner?

Absolutely not! If you have a partner, that's great but you don't need to have one to do any of our classes.  We rotate in Latin and Ballroom group classes so you don't usually end up dancing with the same person all class anyway and for private lessons you can do them solo too.


How long should I stay in the beginner class?​

As a newcomer in belly dance, it is highly suggested that students stay in the beginner class for at least a year. It's important that you understand and have a strong foundation in the basic steps before moving on to higher levels.

What else should I know?

Dance is a sport. So like all other sports, you need to make sure to be aware of your body when dancing.  If you have a physical issue (i.e. back issues) or a move doesn't feel "right" you need to bring it up to your teacher because she will never know your body like you do. If it is an alignment issue, your instructor can usually fix it right then and there.

No matter what your reason, if you are interested in classes you should take them! 

Now that you have signed up, here is
What to Bring to Class.

Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in.


If you don't want to dance barefoot, bring dance shoes. Ballet slippers or jazz shoes work great.


If you have a hip scarf bring it. If you don't, hip scarves will be available for use in class. You can purchase your first scarf on Amazon.


And, don't forget to bring water!

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

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